VIDEO: Nik Royale's Everest

Nik Royale has progressive cerebral palsy. He was in a wheelchair on the day that I met him, when he was visiting DMM to thank them for their support of his ascent of First Pinnacle Rib on Tryfan.His condition is gradually worsening, some days he can walk, but some days he is wheelchair bound. He began rock climbing this summer, but initially found it difficult to arrange climbing tuition. However, when he discovered the Beacon Climbing Centre, his spirits were lifted as they were happy to help.Nik told me of his first trip to the Beacon, expecting it to be a fruitless visit;”I went in thinking they would turn me away, I was quite nervous approaching the counter, but the lady there, Gill, was really happy to help me. Other places I'd spoken to said there was no way they could accommodate me. I told Gill straight away that I didn't have much money!”This short film documents Nik's climb up Tryfan in the autumn of 2008, and shows the determination of Nik and also the emotional strain that his condition puts him through. He is accompanied by instructor Greg Cain, the film is by John Whittle.You can read a personal account by Nik on the DMM website: DMM ArticleNik Royale's Everest from John Whittle on Vimeo.Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen