VIDEO: Pou Brothers on Multipitch F8c

In June of 2010 the Pou brothers from Spain repeated the famous multipitch route Solo per vecchi guerrieri on the south face of Vette Feltrine, close to Aune in north eastern Italy.Reporting for UKC on the ascent, Bjorn Pohl commented:”The 150 m route is divided into four pitches given somewhere around 7c, 7b/7c, 8b, 8c/9a depending on who you ask. Adding to the difficulty is the fact that the bolts are somewhat spaced, with 8-10m between them, and also that you have some 300m of air below your feet…”They hooked up with the climbing legend “Manolo” Zanolla, who made the first ascent of the route. You can see them chatting to Manolo in the first video and climbing the route in the second video.VIDEO: Manolo InterviewVIDEO: Solo per vecchi guerrieriThe Pou Brothers are sponsored by several companies including The North Face and DMM.They are also appearing at the Kendal Film Festival this year and tickets for their show are available in mid August. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen