[VIDEO] The Players – Chris Sharma

Der Film "The Players" von BS Productions zeigt zahlreiche der besten US-Kletterer in den unterschiedlichsten Routen, wie z.B. Joe Kinder, Alex Puccio, Dave Graham oder Daniel Woods. Auch Chris Sharma ist natürlich mit von der Partie und dieser Clip von iCLIMB zeigt ihn nun bei Klettereien in der Red River und New River Gorge.


BS Productions Text

I was psyched to have an opportunity to feature Chris Sharma in our latest DVD release “The Players.” For the concept of the film to work, I knew I had to line up the true players in the sport of climbing. since there are so many badasses in our sport, I chose to focus on American climbers. Chris Sharma leads the pack by adding visionary new routes to every area he visits, as well as quickly repeating the area test pieces. Pick up your copy of the DVD today at www.ThePlayersMovie.com

Sharma's segment of the film is set in the Southeast US, sport climbing on some of the best sandstone in the world.  First stop on his southeastern tour was the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. In my opinion, this is the premier sport climbing grag in the country. With high quality routes for every level climber and tons of undeveloped crags, it offers a lifetime of climbing. Seriously!

Known for its enduro routes, recent development has changed this stigma. Every sport climber should plan a trip to The Red and definitely grab a pizza at Miguels while you're at it!

Chris had his eyes on some futuristic blank walls. The potential for new routes seems never ending. While Chris did not complete his projects, he did quickly complete the second ascent of Lucifer 5.14c on his second try!

After The Red, the next stop was the breathtakingly beautiful New River Gorge in West Virginia. Chris was there to present a slideshow at the Deadpoint Magazine launch party, but made some time to check out the bullet sandstone too!

Once again, first on Chris' list was to check out a long standing project. This blank vertical wall climbs small crimps up bullet sandstone, much like the rock at Mt. Araplies or the Grampians in Australia. The route finishes with a crux dyno off a small crimp. After figuring out the move, Chris gave it one last attempt for the day, fell on the crux, and moves on to other routes. Since this was such a short trip, he wanted to make some time to check out other walls in the area too!

After attempting the project and doing some onsighting, Chris eyed a 5.14 called Proper Soul originally put up by Chris Lindner. Sharma went for it onsight and effortlessly cruised to the top. Check out all the beautiful footage in The Players, available on DVD at www.ThePlayersMovie.com for only $29.95.