VIDEO/INTERVIEW: The Powerful Mina Leslie-Wujastyk

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk climbing Noir Desir (Font 7C)UKC News© Andy JenningsSheffield based climber Mina Leslie-Wujastyk has made the second female ascent of Rock Atrocity (7C/V9) in Parisella's Cave, North Wales. Rock Atrocity is known as a power classic in bouldering circles and Mina made her ascent with power to spare. North Wales bouldering guru Simon Panton says of this limestone roof problem (at,”A common remark from cave devotees is that Rock Atrocity always feels hard, whilst problems such as Lou Ferrino become easier with familiarity. Rock Atrocity is definitely a benchmark V9/7c; there ain't no tricks, just brutal cranking. “Debbie Corbett made the first female ascent of Rock Atrocity in March 2007.Mina's tick list of hard boulder problems is impressive and include: Teamwork, Font 8A/V11 in Chironico, Switzerland – and Les Doigts Verts (7C+/V10), Bach Block (7C/V9) – ; Ben's Roof (7C+/V10) at Raven Tor, Brad Pit (7C+/V10) at Stanage, and at Fontainbleau, Salle Gosse, Noir Desir, and La Berezina all 7C/V9. She also made the podium, a third place, at The Climbing Works International Festival '09 last asked Mina a few questions about her ascent and future plans. See below.Mina – Rock Attrocity from dobbin on Vimeo.You looked really strong Mina, like you had something left in reserve.Oh thank you. It felt really fine when it went, funny how that happens! It was just a case of not fluffing the end.What's next in Parisella's?Next in the cave would be Louis Ferrino (7C+/V10). I've been trying it and got it in two halves, but I've hurt my knee so can't heel hook – it has lots of heel hooks. It's very annoying as it is an amazing line. Same goes for Trigger Cut (7C+/V10) which was the next thing….so maybe Broken Heart (7C+/V10). Not tried it yet and it has a huge move so hmmm.And anything out of the Cave of Power?I'm very psyched to do Jerry's Roof (7C/V9) in the Llanberis Pass. I've done that in two overlapping halves too so hopefully it'll go soon, its such a cool line! I recently did Bus Stop (7C/V9) too. I'm also working Diesel Power (8A/V11) but that may take some time. I'm going back to Wales next week so we shall see. In terms of the Peaks, I'm going to tie on I think – for a short route – and try Caviar (8a+) at Rubicon. That's it really at the moment. May be heading back to Font over the summer for a bit too. I will also be doing some competitions, one of the World Cup series in Eindhoven in June and then the British Bouldering Championships at Cliffhanger ( here in Sheffield too. But comps aren't really my strong point so we'll see.Mina is sponsored byEvolv ,Metolius,PranaandThe Climbing Works Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen