VIDEOS E9 & E7: Gritstone Round-Up

Katy Whittaker climbing Brad Pit (Font 7C+) at StanageUKC News, Mar 2010© Ryan Pasquill

As spring arrives there has been a run of activity on the gritstone.As reported earlier in the month, Pete Whittaker repeated French Duke (E9 7a) at Earl Crag, Yorkshire.Here's a video of his ascent:Andi Turner reported in the forums that Jordan Buys has onsighted Dangerous Crocodile Snogging (E7 6c) at Ramshaw in Staffordshire.You can see more photos at Andi Turner's Flickr page.Here's the video from Jordan's Youtube page:We also heard about a new Font 8A+ climbed by Simon Newstead at Curbar which he has named Super Size Me. This has been repeated already by Ed Hamer – see photo below, but we don't have full details on this problem – anyone?And, as reported on the Marmot Athlete Blog, Katy Whittaker has made a repeat of the super-classic Brad Pit at the Stanage Plantation.Commenting on the problem, Katy said:”I have tried it a few times in the past and it has always felt totally impossible. I tried it again a few weekends ago with my brother and it felt doable but I had trashed skin. So I rested a day, then did it 5th/6th go next time I went back.”PHOTOS: Ed Hamer, Katy Whittaker and Jordan Buys

Ed Hamer climbing Supersize me – Font 8A+UKC News, Mar 2010© Ed Hamer Collection
Katy Whittaker climbing Brad Pit (Font 7C+) at StanageUKC News, Mar 2010© Ryan Pasquill
Jordan Buys onsighting Dangerous Crocodile Snogging E7UKC News, Mar 2010© Andi Turner

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