Vixen Tor Assault Update – A New Protest

Back in September last year we reported that some climbers had been assaulted whilst climbing at Vixen Tor. We´ve since found out a little more information that will be of interest. The climbers were Chris Savage and Adam Mullholand, both well known and extremely competent. They were approached by the land owner and asked to leave on insurance grounds, the land owner stating that should the pair have an accident they would be likely to sue. Chris answered that they would do no such thing. They later returned to the crag and set about climbing an E4 6a called Torture. When Chris reached about 30 feet the land owner returned with 2 men who then proceeded to cut the rope while Chris was leading and attack (allegedly choking and knocking around) Adam! Fortunately Chris had the presence of mind to tie off his rope to a Friend 1 so they were not able to pull him off. He then managed to find a rock 9 and sat, suspended from this gear for 2 hours. He watched them drag Adam away and waited for the police to arrive. He then down-climbed the route. Photo: Vixen Tor. Guy Keating, BMC Following the incident, the Alfords and companion were intially charged with criminal damage, assualt, and actual bodily harm, but after a period of investigation, The Crown Prosecution Service decided to drop all charges. The current situation is that the BMC are thought to be considering offering financial support to the climbers if they decide to pursue a private civil action against the Alfords. If you think this whole episode is shocking, get down and show some support at the next protest! Assemble at the car park opposite the tor (on the B3357 near Merrivale) at 10am, Saturday 6th May 2006. There are two other car parks close by if the first is full. Map This protest will be co-ordinated between climbers and walkers. Although it is not officially sanctioned by the BMC or Ramblers Association both bodies have said that they hope that their members will turn up. ———————————————————————– If you have any news worth reporting please contact Matt – / 0114 2969114 ———————————————————————–