Warren Macdonald succeeds on Kilimanjaro

Warren Macdonald, who had both legs amputated following an accident on North Queenslands? Hinchinbrook Island in 1997, and Tanzanian born Hamisi Lugonda (Hamisi was born without arms) successfully reached the summit of Uhuru Peak, Kilimanjaro (5895m) on Sunday February 9th after 18 days on the mountain. A further 3 days were spent descending via the Mweka route. They were joined by an Australian team of climbers and a Tanzanian support team. Warren described the climb as his most difficult attemped so far, with one day on the difficult and exposed Arrow Glacier section involving 11 hours of climbing. “The Second Step”, Gary Caganoffs documentary film of Warren´s 1999 Federation Peak expeditionwon the Best Mountain Film Prize at Kendal in 2002. www.partanimal.com for more information.