Weekly Round Up

Geraldine Taylor made her annual ascent of London Wall, E5 6b at Millstone, last Sunday. She had the following to say on the climb: I really enjoyed it as I always do and felt nice and relaxed. I had just come back from Spain climbing up to 7c.Many years ago Geraldine made a pledge to herself to climb the classic crack on (or as close to) her Birthday every year. She was 53 this year! Photo courtesy of Duncan Skelton. Just received the following from Kevin Thaw:Madly packing and addressing all those last minute details for a trip to Everest from the North side: Just received the web-site address that will give a blow by blow depiction of our groveling around in the snow at high altitude: http://www.ueverest.com To remind you: At the end of April Everest from the N side is pending. Leo “Irvine” Houlding & Conrad “Mallory” Anker are set to recreate the original journey for a film, removing the ladder and sending the second step to hypothesize on possible conquest of original pioneers?