Weekly Roundup

On 29/04 the Austrian climber Hansjörg Auer carried out the second solo ascent of the legendary Via attraverso il Pesce on the south face of the Marmolada, after Maurizio Giordan´s 1990 ascent. This is the first free solo without ropes. Hansjörg Auer: if the name is new to you, remember it. Why? Because on 29 April the young Austrian climbed the legendary Via del Pesce on the south face of the Marmolada in just under 3 hours, without a rope, armed only with climbing shoes, a chalk bag, a helmet and a light Goretex jacket. Before him only Maurizio Giordani had climbed this mythical route solo: in 1990 (17 years back!) the Italian climbed the route, self-belaying on 9 pitches, in ten hours including the descent down the via ferrata. Hansjörg has now carried out the next step. Source: planetMountain Andy Cave and Simon Nadin climbed The 450 foot sea stack ?The Old man Of Hoy? for the BBC series Coast, so tune in: COAST: THE NORTHERN ISLESTx:  Sunday 3rd June8pm on BBC2