Weekly Roundup

The Moon Blog reports that Ex-pat Tim Clifford has made the first ascent of The Round Room Project at Squamish. Tim had this to say: “On a climbing front I´ve been trying to get out as much as possible. The big news (for me) is I sent the room project yesterday. This is an amazing line which has seen quite a bit of attention over the years and I´ve been very keen to do (understatement). I´ll get you a full report soon hopefully with some pictures. Definitely the best problems I´ve been lucky enough to do the first ascent of and one of the best problems I´ve done. It´s also possibly the hardest thing I´ve done.” Tyler Landman, who recently signed up to the Moon team, comments: “I am always pleased when a foreigner goes to an area and completes a longstanding project because it is a lot harder to do this when you aren´t local to the area. Tim Clifford´s effort is VERY impressive. This has been a project for forever and has been tried by some of the best climbers in the world, including Chris Sharma. Although i have not tried it, from what i´ve heard and seen, I think this is for sure 8b+ and could very well be 8c. I understand Tim likes to keep his climbing on the down low, but this problem deserves publicity. This problem is serious stuff. The real deal!” We have received word from Kalymnos that it is rapidly developing a large collection of super hard sport routes. Once an unsuitable venue for really strong climbers it is now the regular haunt of many of the world´s elite. 27 years old Belgian, Nicolas Favresse spent almost 60 days on the Greek island during April and May. He established Lucky Luca f8c and Los Kukos f8c. He also red pointed Gora Gu Ta Gutarrak f8c/8c+, a new line left of Lucky Luca, in Odyssey sector.In late April, Frenchman Yann Ghesquiers climbed Titantrope f8c+ (65m), the hardest route on the island, established by Dave Graham during a Petzl Roctrip last October. He also climbed almost a dozen f8a´s and f8a+´s onsight. His partner Olivier Fourbet climbed Rendez-vous with Platon, f8b onsight. Currently Frenchman François Legrand is on the island trying to make establish the first f9a on the island, Mammifere Vibes extension.