Weekly Roundup

Something for the Weekend: With the weather turning for the worse (again), here´s a few new climbing trailers to get you motivated for training at the wall.BigUp Productions King Lines which features Chris Sharma. Due out October A couple of sample clips from the new Posing Productions fim, Psyche, also due out in October: Steve McClure on Mutation, 9a>> Dave Birkett on Skye Wall E8, 6c>> Chabot climbs new 9a+(?) in Gorge Du Loup Alex Chabot has climbed what he believes to be ´the hardest route in Gorge Du Loup´. Chabot is no stranger to hard routes in the Gorge having recently climbed a new 9a/9a+, Abysse. If PuntX is harder then it could be his first 9a+.  Source: 8a.nu & kairn.com