Weekly Roundup

The bird restrictions for two juvenile Peregrines at Malham have been lifted.Source: Climbonline Peak Bird Restrictions 29 June 2006 Information Note from the BMC?s Peak Access Team Stanage Thanks for your help The second brood nesting cycle is now complete and all restrictions will have been lifted within the next day or two.  In the unlikely event that any third vrood sites need safeguarding discrete signs will be placed on site, though no further restrictions are anticipated.  But please bear in mind that the young birds are hiding in the bracken below the Edges and will remain vulnerable to disturbance especially by dogs, for several weeks. Over the season across Burbage, Stanage and Bamford provisional figures are that twenty three ring ouzel nests have been located and 32 chicks ringed.  The Burbage Valley area has suffered from high levels of nest failure due in each case to predation.  Corvids, weasels, stoats and grey squirrels are probable culprits, but in two cases entire nests with chicks in them have disappeared overnight.  The cause for this remains unknown.  Any ideas? At Stanage weather may have been an additional problem, but polygamy perhaps at two first brood nests and certainly at two second brood nests has also been a factor where the male has been unable to service two nests adequately. Roaches and Millstone Neither the Roaches nor the Millstone Peregrines actually nested, though they appeared to be thinking about it.  They may well return next year.  The Millstone Ravens fledged four particularly robust chicks, and elsewhere Merlin raised five young. Ravensdale The only extant restriction is now Medusa, at Ravensdale, and a sign at the Cottages Car Park will indicate when the all clear has been given. Thank you for all your (and your dog?s) help. BMC local contacts Henry           01298 871 849 Trudi and Julian trudi.newman@virgin.net Lastly we have had an appeal for any aerial photographs taken of the river L´Arve (Near Bonneville in France) during August 2004 when a Brit called Blake Hartley went missing in the area. Sally Perrin, his mum is still embroiled in the heart wrenching attempt to locate her son´s body and is hopeful that somebody may be able to help. You can contact her by email: sallyperrin1@hotmail.com and read more about Blake at his website: www.blakehartley.com. ———————————————————————– If you have any news worth reporting please contact Matt – matt@planetfear.com / 0114 2969114 ———————————————————————–