Weekly Roundup

Alien Cams have issued a recall of some of their recent units. Details. The last few places are still available on ?The Mountain of Youth? UIAA Youth Leader Training Centre organised by CAI and based at their National Youth Leader Training Centre ?BRUNO CREPAZ? of the Club Alpino Italiano (CAI) at the Pordoi Pass, situated in the Dolomites, in the beautiful Fassa valley, on the highest point of the great tourist route linking Bolzano and Cortina d´Ampezzo. The Seminar is for Youth leaders who are interested in improving teaching methods of basic meters involved in mountaineering with children. Participants need to have the alpine skills required for the activities in programme and good experience in youth leading and mountaineering with youth. Participants including representatives from Romania,Switzerland, Germany, Ukraine, Korea, Ghana, Czech, Spain, Mongolia, Italy and a visit from the UK. As well as practical sessions for youth leaders in navigation and landscape surveying, mountaineering on snow ridges and glaciers, via ferrata and fixed ropes and group guiding there will be interesting workshops for example by Dr. Adriano Rinaldi who from the CAI Medical Commission who will present his paper on reaction to cold. Dr. Rinaldi will also support us in an exercise of first aid. The seminar also covers pedagogical aspects of mountaineering with youth, didactical and training methods with simultaneous translation within the most required principle languages. Importance of play in activities will be emphasised.  Club Alpino Italiano (CAI)c/o Giampaolo Covelli, CAI delegate in UIAA Youth Commission Loc. Sistiana 25/L-13 ? 34019 ? DUINO AURISINA (TS) ? ITALYTel. +39 040 2916103    E-mail: giampaolo.covelli@tin.it Peak District Bird Restrictions 25th May 2006 Information note from the BMC?S Peak Access Team – Bird Restrictions Stanage Young chicks are hiding in bracken all along the bottom of the edge. They remain vulnerable to disturbance by dogs. Ring Ouzels often attempt a second brood. It is possible that new restrictions could be agreed at short notice. Ant that are there will be discretely signed on site. Rusty Wall Right Hand Trinity and the whole of Rusty Wall are excluded. The descent to the right end of the Rusty Wall is not affected. Groups particularly should keep well away from the area. The exclusion included the ground beneath these routes and will be indicated by signs on site, and an old climbing rope. Young birds from the Rim nest have been brought to this area by their mother. Please do not let dogs run free in the rocks and bracken below the edge. Predation has been a big problem this year. Crows are major predators and will be attracted by apple cores, banana skins, orange peel and the like. Help by taking all litter, including biodegradable matter away. Balcony Buttress Here the exclusion area is from Exit Stage Left to Balcony Corner Both these restrictions will be reviewed on the 6th June and again at the end of the week. This is not the first time that the second brood females have nested in the heart of the Popular End. There could be more second brood nests behind the Plantation, and third brood are not unknown but the likelihood is that there will not now be any more restrictions. Signs on site will be removed at once if restrictions are withdrawn. Thank you for your co-operation. There are currently no other bird restrictions in the Peak. Millstone Now no restrictions at Twicker. The North Bay restriction will be reviewed over the weekend. If there are no signs in situ, the restrictions will have been lifted. Burbage and Bamford No restrictions at either location. Sadly at Burbage the breeding season thus far appears to have been catastrophic, with total failure of every nest. Ravensdale, Roaches and Five Cloud No restrictions Supertop are reporting that there has been a major landslide which has closed Highway 140 into Yosemite. Highway 140 links Yosemite to Merced via Mariposa.Source and more info: Supertopo ———————————————————————– If you have any news worth reporting please contact Matt – matt@planetfear.com / 0114 2969114 ———————————————————————–