Weltweit erste 8c+ on sight geklettert ?!

PatxiPatxi Usobiaga has sent "Bizi Euskaraz" on sight. It is the first ascent of this route which Patxi has proposed as a serious 8c+, but always waiting for the opinion of future repeaters.

"Bizi Euskaraz" is located in Etxauri, a crag in the Navarra region of Spain. The route was bolted by Ekaitz Maiz four years ago and has been an open project since then, despite the efforts of strong climbers.

Ekaitz Maiz and Gorka Karapeto were present during the historical ascent and endorse the grade proposed by Patxi.

Patxi is pushing the limits of this sport day by day during the last couple of weeks: one world cup, two 9a+, three 9a, one 8c, etc. And now this 8c+ on sight which raises him up one more step above the rest of climbers again.

No doubt Patxi is in shape and making history.

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QuelleText: Josu Martinez, Fotos: Zigor Arteaga