What Dai´s been up to

We hadn´t heard anything about Dai Koyamada for a few months, so we decided it was about time we asked him what´s been up. Well, let´s just say he hasn´t been lazy. He says he´s been climbing in Japan only so far this year. His string of, mostly FA´s includes One 8C, Hyper ballad, climbed in late March, 2 x 8B+, 1 x 8B/+, 2 x 8B, 1 x 8A/B, 4 x 8A+ and 9 x 7C+-8A. Dai is currently #3 in the boulder world ranking. Now he´s planning a 6 week trip to France, beginning 21 Sept and divided equally between Céüse and Fontainebleau. Says Dai “I will be very happy if I could inform you of any good news from France.” So would we!