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Jimmy WebbUKC News, Jun 2010© James Webb

Jimmy Webb, who hasn't exactly been idle since his ascent of Jade, has once again stepped up his game and done Aslan, another 8B+. This one is quite different though. Where the difficulty of Jade revolves around one or, if you're tall, two extremely difficult moves, Aslan is a power endurance feast with ~23. Jimmy says he needed quite a lot of time to get it dialled, but that when he did it, it just went super smoothly: “when I climbed it, I felt perfectly in tune with the climb. Wasn't really even pumped”Brion Voges had a “decent” outing too: Starting with Don't get too greedy, 8B, doing Top notch, 8B, right after, and then finishing off with The Centaur, 8A+. Quite a day!Having done roughly 30 8A's and up in the area so far, you'd think there's not that much left. So what's next?”We're heading up again tomorrow. I heard the Skipper roof is out so I wanna climb that also there's Eternia, and Mirkwood low…OH, and a really nice looking project! A slightly overhanging blunt arete with bad slopers, and crimps! Still has some snow around it though, so some digging will be in order.”Need to leave your mark, haha.Exactly what I was thinking! Give something back to the area, and this one looks more than worthy.It would seem soccer isn't the only thing happening in South Africa, and that the Rocklands season has alrady started. 8a reports Arjan de Kock has become the first to flash Green mamba, 8A+, at the Roadside.Meanwhile, Kairn reports, at Saint-Antonin Noble-Val, Shawn Raboutou (12), son of Didier and Robyn, did Attention on vous regarde, 8b+. Pedigree? Naaahhhh…In Catalunya, Ramon Julian Puigblanque keeps quietly ticking. This weekend, he did two 8c+'s, Coma Sant Pere at Margalef (La Visera de la Coma) in two tries and Airva ese at Camarasa in six. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf UKClimbing.com anschauen