Willenberg is back on top!

Thomas Willenberg and Ines Westenhöfer spent most of December in Tessino, Switzerland. Thomas managed the following first ascents Casa Pecora 8b+ bloc Capocira 8b bloc Secondo Uomo 8a+ bloc Caldo Fumo 8b bloc Terzo Cane 8a+ bloc Prima la Signora 8a bloc Ines grabbed the 2nd ascent of Prima la Signora, her second 8a bloc, after Wombat In Chironico, Thomas sent even more problems, the highlights being an 8b bloc opened by Markus Bock and an 8b+ bloc opened by Fred Nicole and also Serre moi fort 8a+ bloc. In Cresciano, he repeated the standing start version of Dreamtime 8b+ bloc, in two days and Grotte de Soupirs 7c+ flash. News courtesy of Classic Rock This means Thomas regains the number one position in 8a.nu´s ranking system!