Winter Events… Houlding, Kirkpatrick etc

Leo Houlding is to give a 6-lecture tour of the UK starting on October 2nd: Para-Alpinism all started after Leo completed an epic Alpine-style free ascent of Fitzroy?s 1400m North pillar in Patagonia with Kevin Thaw, involving a horrendous 17 hour abseil through a severe storm at the beginning of 2005?Leo decided that this was enough abseiling for one year. For the remainder of the year Leo and friends experimented with parachute-assisted descents from big wall climbs across Europe and America, culminating in a triumphant race against Jeremy Clarkson (who had the assistance of a car) up the dramatic face of the Verdon Gorge for BBC?s Top Gear. Leo Houlding will be touring the UK this autumn bringing his show, Para-Alpinism ? The End of Abseiling, to a venue near you. The show will feature amazing footage and imagery of his adrenaline-packed exploits, illustrating the amazing stories of Big Wall free routes and BASE descents, documenting the early stages of the Para-Alpine revolution. He also shares stories on the slightly more relaxed topic of deep water soloing on the uninhabited islands off Croatia?s stunning Dalmatian coast. To join Leo for a look through his recent years of extreme exploits see below for locations and ticket outlets: 2nd October – Newcastle – Newcastle University – Tiso 0191 222 0020 – 3rd October – Glasgow – Strathclyde University – Tiso Outdoor Experience 0141 559 5450 – Tiso 0141 248 4877 – 4th October – Edinburgh – University of Edinburgh – Tiso Outdoor Experience – 0131 554 0804 – Tiso 0131 225 9486 – 16th November – Harrogate – Army Foundation College – Cotswold Outdoor 01423 701100 – 20th November – Southampton – Cotswold Outdoor Store – Cotswold Outdoor 01489 799555 – www.cotswoldoutdoor.com29th November – Kingston Upon Thames – Kingston University – Cotswold Outdoor – 0208 549 9500 – Andy Kirkpatrick will be running a 12-stop tour of Picture House Cinemas starting on Sep 27th: What?s the toilet etiquette when you?re dangling from a cliff edge? And what if the only place to go is on someone else?s distant head? And what?s all this got to do with Willy Wonka?s chocolate river? Andy Kirkpatrick, solo climber extraordinaire, answers everything you always wanted to know about vertical mountain wall climbing but were afraid to ask… After a summer tour which gleaned rave reviews and packed cinemas, maverick rock climber and comedian Andy Kirkpatrick returns to embark upon a full nationwide Picturehouse tour.Armed with a killer stand up routine the bucolic Northerner regales audiences with tales of high octane climbs into the heights of the Patagonia mountains, where strapped to vertical rock faces unable to see the ground he slips into acute mental turmoil. About what? Falling? Death? Insanity? Well there is that, but actually it?s also whether pouring out the baked bean tin full of his 2-day old piss will cause an awkward situation when it hits the Americans climbing below. In the flesh Andy shifts paradigms with a performance that includes an intoxicating mix of side spitting humour, bum-clenching fear, an open and honest insight into the high adrenaline world of mountaineering accompanied by amazing images and film footage. ?Beyond Extreme? is part stand-up comedy routine, part stunning slide show, part poignant talk, part extreme sport event with anecdotes from his stint as Stunt coordinator on the set of the Tim Burton / Johnny Depp production of ?Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? thrown in for equal measure. It?s a story that takes in his humble beginnings in his council flat in Hull, his first ascents in the Patagonian winter, mile high walls in California and ticking off the hardest routes in the Alps.I rang Andy Kirkpatrick a few months ago to find out more about ?Beyond Extreme?. ?Sorry, he?s not here. He?s on a mountain in Alaska,? came the female voice on the other end of the line. That?s the reality of being the wife of Kirkpatrick, a writer, photographer and film maker as well as one of the UK?s most accomplished mountaineers and ?big wall? climbers (big walls are mountain walls of over 1000 metres). It?s also part of the reason why Andy?s talks are so engaging and appeal to more than just avid climbing fans or those whose appetite for mountain tales were wetted by Touching the Void or Herzog?s Grizzly Man. Granted there are people who can?t help but be impressed by the fact that he has vertical-climbed Yosemite?s El Capitan, the most difficult mountain wall in America, over ten times and completed a 12 day solo of the Reticent Wall: the hardest climb ever soloed by a British climber. But here is also the story of a husband, a father, a man of whom his fellow climber Allan Mullins said: ?This mad drive into the jaws of death sits abruptly amid a self-professed white trash existence in urban Sheffield, the normalness of which is almost as shocking as the madness of his in between adventures. Now a father of two, (?it?s not rare for me to be changing Ella?s nappy one day and then literally shitting my own trousers a day later?) these domestic episodes seem to fuel an ever more desperate search for the extreme.? The Picturehouse cinema begins in Greenwich on 27 September. Andy Kirkpatrick is available for interview and stunning hi resolution images available on request ??his combination of relaxed, curiously wired, brilliantly timed cracks, phenomenally dramatic shots of Patagonian winter climbing epics and terrifyingly realistic wind impressions, effortlessly beguiled the audience? ? Royal Geographical Society ?The cold is indescribable. I can smell my own body consuming its muscle ? making me want to vomit ? and I would if only I had any food in my belly. All I can do is close my eyes and wait? Why? The very question repeats itself in my mind every second I wait. What are my rewards? Money, fame, success? The only answer I find worthy of the pain is that I suffer all these things in order to gain something I already have ? but only by doing so am I able to see its beauty.? – Andy Kirkpatrick ALL THE DATES… All tickets £10.50 / Members £8.50 Wed 27 Sep – Greenwich Picturehouse Screening Room & Basement Bar 180 Greenwich High Road SE10 8NN 08707 55 00 65 Doors 7.30pm Thu 28 Sep – Clapham Picturehouse 76 Venn Street London SW4 0AT 08707 55 00 61 Doors 8.15pm Fri 29 Sept ? The Ritzy, Brixton Brixton Oval, Brixton, London SW2 1JG 08707 55 00 62 Doors 8.15pm   Sat 30 Sept ? Exeter Picturehouse 51 Bartholomew Street West Exeter EX4 3AJ 08707 551238 Doors 8.15pm   Sun 1 Oct ? Harbour Lights Picturehouse, Southampton Ocean Village Southampton SO14 3TL 08707 55 12 37 Doors 8.15pm   Mon 2 Oct – Bath Little Theatre St Michael´s Place, Bath, BA1 1SF 08707 55 12 41 Doors 8.15pm   Tue 3 Oct ? Phoenix Picturehouse, Oxford 57 Walton StreetOxford OX2 6AE 08707 58 32 18 Doors 8.15pm   Thu 5 Oct – Picturehouse at FACT, Liverpool 88 Wood Street Liverpool L1 4DQ 08707 58 32 17 Doors 8.15pm   Fri 6 Oct – The Electric Cinema, Birmingham The Electric Cinema 47-49 Station Street Birmingham B5 4DY 0121 643 7879 Doors 8.15pm Sat 7 Oct – City Screen, York 13-17 Coney Street York YO1 9QL 08707 58 32 19 Doors 8.15pm Sun 8 Oct – Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh 38 Home Street Edinburgh EH3 9LZ 08707 55 12 31 Doors 8.15pm Mon 9 Oct – The Belmont Picturehouse, Aberdeen 49 Belmont Street Aberdeen AB10 1JS01224 343536 Doors 8.15pm Meanwhile Sunderland Wall have announced their winter bouldering Series ? Sept 25th/Oct 16th/Nov 18th 2006 Sunderland Wall has joined with Snow & Rock to host an exciting three round ?Bouldering Series? to be held at Sunderland Wall. The first round will take place on Monday September 25th 2006 between 6pm and 9pm.  Entry fee will be £2 plus standard wall entry fee. No prior registration is necessary ? just turn up with your boots, bag and biceps and the rest is up to you! The second round will take place on Monday October the 16th and the third and final round will be held on Saturday November 18th.  If for some reason you can?t make one of the rounds don?t worry: Only the best two rounds will be used when calculating your final score.Fantastic prizes direct from the Gateshead branch of Snow & Rock will be available for the top two climbers in each of the following categories:   Under 10 girls   Under 10 boys 10-12 girls 10-12 boys 13-15 girls 13-15 boys Senior male (16-34) Senior female (16-34) Vet male (35+) Vet female (35+) As an added extra the third round will incorporate part of the Sunderland Wall/Snow and Rock Climbing Festival.  Along with the competition (and the chance to climb on some cunningly crafted boulder problems from our resident setters Andrew Earl and Chris Graham) activities will include stalls/demo stands from manufacturers/retailers and organisations, a live DJ and lots of fun!!For more information contact Sunderland Wall on (0191) 5144234 or check out their website at: If you have any lectures, bouldering leagues or other climbing events to report please let us know at planetFear so we can included them in the events database – the most comprehensive of its kind anywhere. ———————————————————————– If you have any news worth reporting please contact Matt – / 0114 2969114 ———————————————————————–