Wolverine land updates

So, many things have gone down and been put up at Mt Evans' “Wolverine land”, I must admit I've sort of lost count. After a respectable amount of 8B's and 8B+'s, it's now got its first 8C, Warrior up. Daniel Woods made the FA, and Dave Graham swiftly made the 2nd ascent.Dave: “Is proud Wolverineland goes big time today with it's first 8c boulder established in the MIX! Very good effort daniel! Now its time for the next batch of sick shit to get syked on and SEND!!!KAY BUENO”It should also be mentioned Jamie Emerson has done his first 8B+, by repeating Daniel's Evil backwards in the same area. Great stuff!

Daniel Woods sticking the first move on Warrior Up, 8CUKC News, Sep 2010© Courtney Sanders

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