Women On Top

You may be aware that Wimbledon have just controversially held out for another year on the equal-prize-money-for-men-and-women argument. They are the last of the major tennis Open tournaments to give more money to the men than the women.Climbing has long been a male orientated pastime, but it would appear that times are a changin´.The BMC recently ran a survey and discovered a 10% increase in the proportion of its female members. In a sport where Spain´s Josune Bereziartu is only a shade off climbing as hard as the best of the men, and 15 year old Charlotte Durif is onsighting F8b´s there are female role models for just about everybody. This would appear to be becoming recognised with specialist women-only websites emerging (Gear For Girls) and regular manufacturers like Moon putting in extra effort to cater for women in a testosterone-driven bouldering culture.The icing on the cake is provided in timely fashion by Dalvinda Sodih (remember The Young Ones Source: articles?) who has recently climbed a couple more F8a´s: Raindogs at Mallham and The Bulge at Kilnsey. Source: BMC & Climbonline ———————————————————————– If you have any news worth reporting please contact Matt – matt@planetfear.com / 0114 2969114 ———————————————————————–