World Bouldering Round-Up (with video)

Dai Koyomada on Epitaf – Font 8CUKC News© Ikuko SerataHard bouldering repeats from all corners of the globe have come in thick and fast in the last few weeks.Perhaps the cream of the crop is Dai Koyamada's new line, at a proposed grade of Font 8C. Epitaf took the Japanese power-house a year to climb and is an extremely steep wall of volcanic tuff at Horai in Japan.As reported in this UKC News Item, Australian climber Chris Webb Parsons has had quite a month in Hueco Tanks, climbing multiple hard problems above V12.The bouldering superstar Dave Graham hasn't been resting much either, with lots of hard problems in the last few weeks, including Crown of Aragorn and Couer de Leon, both Font 8B and both in Hueco Tanks.Also in Hueco is Finnish climber Nalle Hukkataival who has flashed Le Pelerin, Font 8A+, as well as ticking several Font 8B's.Reported on Bishop Bouldering is Cory French's repeat of Mandala (sit start), Font 8B+. Cory used a new method, described on the blog:?It's a method that will only work for those over a certain height, and Cory, being 6' 3″ as well as very strong, found it not too bad and was close to linking these new moves of the sit into the normal start the same day he completed the latter, just last week!?Back in Europe, British climber Mina Leslie-Wujastyk has done Teamwork, Font 8A in Chironico, Switzerland.Over in Fontainebleau, Christopher Schulte ticked Gecko Assis in Fontainebleau.Tyler Landman also climbed this problem and a whole host of other desperate testpieces. His ticklist for this Font trip includes so far: Surplomb de la Mee (Font 8A+), Kheops (8B) and l'Insoutenable de l'Autre (8B).You can follow Tyler's bouldering at the MoonblogThe youngsters are putting in good performances too, with 15 year old Niccolo Ceria climbing four Font 8As in two days, including the famous Dreamtime (stand-up). 16 year old Jena Lupia has climbed SitTwist, Font 7C+, marking her scorecard as 'onsight'.At the other end of the age spectrum, blogger and boulderer Peter Beal has ticked his project at Flagstaff, USA. He has proposed a grade of Font 8A+ for There Will be Blood. You can read Peter's excellent blog here: mountainsandwater.comWatch Tyler in action on Kheops (Font 8B): This clip was filmed by Ben Pritchard of Slackjaw. You can see more of Ben's work on thanks to Ben Pritchard and Moon Climbing for the use of this video.Check out many more videos, including some of Tyler Landman, on the Moon Climbing site.Sources:,, Moonblog, Bishop Bouldering,, unclesomebody.comDiesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen