World Youth Championships – Report and Video

British Team member Jonny Field cranking in the youth world cup at Ratho, EdinburghUKC News, Sep 2010© Lukasz Warzecha –

Kitty Wallace going for it on her second qualifier in the youth world cupUKC News, Sep 2010© Lukasz Warzecha – Youth World Championships took place last weekend at the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena (EICA) Ratho.The British team put in some strong performances including Natalie Berry coming 10th in the Female Junior category (after qualifying for the Semis in 1st place!), Edward Hamer coming 17th in the Male Junior category, Kitty Wallace coming 17th in the Female Youth A and Jonny Stocking coming 27th in the Male Youth A.For full competition results visit the IFSC WebsiteReporting on his blog, local climber and coach Robbie Phillips described Natalie Berry's efforts:”Heading into the first balancy crux, she looked a little off balance, slapping into the next hold she got caught in the quickdraw and looked like she may have come off… the whole crowd drew a breath, she was ok… she collected herself and continued up the wall! After that things looked a lot better, she made all the moves other girls were struggling with look easy! The amazing thing with Nat is just how easy she can make everything look, even when it's not! This is the sign of a very good climber, because even when she's struggling, she can still maintain perfect technique.Heading into the second half of the overhang, she was looking very solid, making no rushed moves or looking at all pumped. At a big white pocket, she managed to recover a bit… most of the girls before had been falling off before and around these pockets, so she was doing insanely well! She pressed on into the next big pocket and again into another, here she had a big move into the roof jug, only 8 girls had got this far and none of them had made this move look easy! She popped for the jug, not grabbing it right she slipped and was off… …Natalie finished the competition placing overall 10th in the world!”More photos and words on Robbie's Blog.

Natalie Berry – top UK competitor – came in 10th placeUKC News, Sep 2010© Lukasz Warzecha –

VIDEO: The BMC presents the British Junior Climbing TeamThe huge wall of Ratho was a superb location for an international competitionUKC News, Sep 2010© Lukasz Warzecha – 3 results in each category:Female Juniors

1. Ladurner Alexandra ITA
2. Sigrist Manuela SUI
3. Fakhritdinova Dinara RUS

Female Juniors Speed

1. Buczek Klaudia POL
2. Ermolaeva Anastasia RUS
3. Usmanova Dinara RUS

Female Youth A

1. Janicot Hélène FRA
2. Posch Katharina AUT
3. Röck Magdalena AUT

Female Youth A Speed

1. Tsyganova Anna
3. Rudzinska Aleksandra POL

Female Youth B

1. Kazbekova Ievgeniia UKR
3. Pavlincova Andrea CZE

Female Youth B Speed

1. Riddle Dana USA
2. Elmer Alexandra AUT
3. Baranova Valeria RUS

Kitty Wallace route reading at Ratho before coming in 17th placeUKC News, Sep 2010© Lukasz Warzecha – Juniors

1. Tauporn Thomas GER
2. Lechner Mario AUT
3. Mardashov Anton UKR

Male Juniors Speed

1. Bokanov Sayat KAZ
2. Posmashnyy Bogdan RUS
3. Ter-Minasyan Arman RUS

Male Youth A

1. Raztresen Jure SLO
2. Megos Alexander GER
3. Ghisolfi Stefano ITA

Male Youth A Speed

1. Vedenchuk Viacheslav RUS
2. Dzienski Marcin POL
3. Gontaryk Yaroslav UKR

Male Youth B

1. Halenke Sebastian GER
2. Timmermans Loîc BEL
3. Firnenburg David GER

Male Youth B Speed

1. Artamonov George RUS
2. Luzgetskiy Sergey RUS
3. Santoni Alessandro ITA

For full competition results visit the IFSC Website Thanks go to Lukasz Warzecha of for the use of his excellent photos of the event. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen