XXXVII. Aggtelek Cup International Rock-Climbing Competition and Meeting

It is now the 37th occasion that the world's oldest rock climbing tournament, the Aggtelek Cup and Alpinists Meeting takes place on the rock-wall over the entrance of Baradla Stalactite Cave in Aggtelek, Hungary.

 Aggtelek Cup International Rock-Climbing Competition and Meeting 27th -29th August, 2010

All visitors and participants are warmly welcome with exciting events this year again.


25th -27th August
Climbing possibilities for all climbers who do not intend to enter for the competition will be provided at a definite venue.

Friday, 27th August
1.30 pm check-in for children category closes; briefing
2.00 pm semi-final -children category
late afternoon: check-in for adult categories; occupying accommodation

Saturday, 28th August
8.00 am grand opening; check-in closes
8.15 am finals -children category
8.30 am iso for females & males-category B ends
9.00 am semi-finals – females & males-category B
12.00 pm iso for males-category A ends
12.30 pm semi-final – males-category A
1.00 pm announcement of results for children categories
3.00 pm climbing -senior category
4.00 pm bunker-climbing competition
6.00 pm dynamo competition
8.00 pm concerts

during the day: crafting activities for children, slack-line, videos & travelogue, dance & music

Sunday 29th August
8.30 am iso ends
9.00 am finals – females & males -both categories (A&B)
4.00 pm announcement of results, awards ceremony

Fees for participation in the competition:
1.500,-HUF (6 EUR) with a racing-licence
3.000,-HUF (12 EUR) without a racing-licence

Map (GPS)
48°28'17.69″ N 20°29'43.60″ E

Accommodation is free of charge (excluding tourism tax) for only participants and escorts of young competitors. Relatives and fans are allowed to use the services of the camp but for its everyday charges.

Baradla Camp (tent, chalet) Baradla oldal 1. 3759 Aggtelek, tel: (+36) 48/503-005 fax: (+36) 48/503-001

Contacts for further information:

Gábor Kubik:
+ 36 20 387 42 04

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