Youngest Britons on Everest Reach the Summit

After spending six weeks on Mount Everest, Rob Gauntlett and James Hooper, both 19, have become the youngest Britons to climb the mountain. Rob and James summited at 08:00am Wednesday 17th (tibet time), having set off from camp 3 at 22:00pm the previous evening. Both are in good shape following the climb and are now descending back to ABC over the next 48 hours. From their web site – Rob and James phoned their support team from on top of the world at 3:15am. Congratulations to them on becoming the youngest Britons to climb the mountain. They were tired and apprehensive of the descent, but inspired by the panorama of snow-capped peaks and by achieving their three-year dream. They wanted to push their message for young people, and to encourage everyone to donate to Cancer Research for them. They summitted at 8am in the morning in Tibet, having left Camp 3 at 10pm and climbed through the night, and they hope to get back to Camp 2 at 7800m in the remaining part of the day. They expressed their heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported them. We wish them the best for the descent and look forward to hearing from them safe and well at advanced base camp on Thursday night. More extensive press release ( Source: Everest 2006 )