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JINA INC. launched the leisure GPS terminal Storyish Pocket GPS S1. It is very small in size, 67.2 x 45.0 x 16.4 mm and the weight is 56g only. The GPS device is smaller than a visiting card with an 1.5 inches color OLED LCD for raised visibility. It uses a built-in Li-Polymer rechargeable battery which enables 12 hour continuous use.

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The pocket GPS can display the map and travel route on the LCD display, the elapsed time which follows in travel distance, accurate altitude which uses the pressure sensor, as well as speed of travel can be checked right away during the activity. The user can see the actual time, latitude, longitude and relative change of altitude.

While traveling, the user can grasp a direction with the built in compass. If you set the location of hotel or parking lot at the start of your trip, you can't lose your way with this smart device. In case you lose the way from the mountain, simply find the record which is stored and return safely toward the course.

The pocket GPS als features voice recording and a MP3 file playback function. If buying the optional bike mount, the user can see the used calories and speed easily during the riding.If the user installs the program which is provided with the terminal to their PC, trip distance and the route will be marked on the Internet map. Photos can be listed together on the map, by which it is very good for bloggers who want to update their personal blog after activity or exercise.

It is also a very good item for the mountain-climbing/tracking lover, traveler, bicycle maniac, marathoner, fisher, geocasher and many other outdoor activities.

JINA INC. has the plan which will complement the accessory for a waterproof function. The Pocket GPS S1 is currently available for USD 155,–

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