Arnaud Petit Climbs The Forgotten Trad Classic “Natilik” in Ceüse

Céüse is arguably the most well-known sport climbing cliff in the world and its walls boast some of the hardest routes ever climbed. With such a plethora of hard, bolted climbs on offer, it's easy to understand why visiting climbers choose to focus on these rather than the crag's more esoteric classics.

However, when you live right next to a climbing spot, as Arnaud Petit and his wife Stephanie Bodet do with Céüse, you get to know all that a crag has to offer; from its most challenging lines to its easier classics.

“Natilik” (6a+) fits firmly into the latter of these two categories, with bags of character and incredible positions in spite of its modest grade. The line is climbed predominantly on trad gear, with some long runouts and a final, unconventional ledge shuffle to make it extra memorable.