[VIDEO] 4 Incredible Climbers, 4 Completely Different Climbing Challenges (Epic Climber, Teaser)

What happens if you put a world-class sport climber on an alpine crack? Or if you ask a renowned big wall climber to develop an untouched boulder field? In the Summer of 2014, EpicTV found out.

Epic TV Text

We brought Tommy Caldwell, Hazel Findlay, Alex Megos and Emily Harrington to EpicTV’s home in the Chamonix valley. To celebrate the diversity of climbing, we took these four diverse athletes and put them into situations outside of their usual comfort zones.

The aim was to see not just who excelled in their specialist area, but who could step it up in new and intimidating situations. After all, climbing is not simply about performance, but about challenging ourselves again and again to seek out new experiences, new challenges and new routes. We could think of no better setting for this project than Chamonix: the birthplace of alpinism and one of the most diverse climbing areas on the planet.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see how Tommy, Hazel, Emily and Alex fared on the crags boulders and lofty peaks of France’s most famous valley.