[VIDEO] Alex Puccio Crushes The Classics In Bishop

Alex Puccio has had a pretty mixed 2015. She has accrued an incredible ticklist of hard routes, firmly establishing herself as not just one of the best female climbers in the world, but one of the best climbers in the world, full-stop.

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However, her year has also been hampered by injury following a debilitating tear to her ACL at the Vail World Cup. Having trained through pretty much the entirity of her recovery period, Alex is now back in action, and seemingly stronger than ever.

In this video, filmed prior to her injury, we see just how on form Alex has been this year as she travels to Bishop with Nina Williams to attempt the area’s highball classics. Despite the routes not really being to Alex’s style, she still manages quick ascents of ‘The Buttermilker’ (V12/8A+), ‘Direction’ (V13/8B) and, most impressively, a single session send of ‘The Swarm’ (V13/8B).