[VIDEO] Bouldern in Fontainebleau um Juli 2011

Ein Brite bouldert im Sommer in Fontainebleau. Wie es scheint, war es sehr warm, sehr feucht und der Wald voll mit Zecken und Schlangen. Dennoch hat es wohl enormen Spaß gemacht...

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A hot very humid month in the forest, Its Harvest time in the forest and it's also been alive with so many ticks and snakes. But the climbing has been great fun. Be careful out there, check yourself every night for ticks, and be very careful were you sit to eat lunch, apremont has seen lots of vipers this year, especially around science friction area, and they are aggressive…

Sorry About some of the footage, I finally got round to buying a DSLR but I really don't know how to use it, so any tips would be great, Most of the footage I hade to doctor with magic bullet to make it watchable, Hopefully over the next few months the footage will get better as I learn to use the camera better

Neil Hart
Andy Valentine
Mark (the visiting american)

Elle Lefan – Runaways
Elle Lefan – Ballad of the Metronome

Routes in order:
Delice choc 7a
Yoyage a cythere assis 7b
Water Roof 7b
Respect d'intention 7a+
Little Karma assis 7a+
Vin Rouge 7a+
Beatle Juice 7a+
L'Homme a la Dent Creuse 7b
Kangaroo City 7b+

QuelleNeil Hart (Vimeo User)