[VIDEO] Climbing in Uskedalen, Norway

Climbing in Uskedalen, a climbing area sometimes referred to as 'Norway's Yosemite'. The valley has roughly 60 routes on walls that rise up to 600 meters, and holds potential for many new routes.

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The footage is from a trip in 2014, where we – two joikas (gumbies) from Denmark – visited Uskedalen and neighbouring valley Eikedalen.

Despite living in Scandinavia, the first time we heard about Uskedalen was through an article in Climbing Magazine.

The most recent guide book, ‘Klatrefører for Uskedalen med Eikedalen’, is from 2013.

Routes in the film:

  • Hvorfor er ikke dette loddrett (5), 170 m
  • Alkymisten (6), 240 m
  • Bob Roger (5), 100 m
  • Uskedalsdiedret (6-), 800 m
  • Dronning Maud Land (6-), 110 m
  • Silkeveien (4+), 240 m
  • and some first ascents in Eikedalen
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