[VIDEO] Daila Ojeda in “Mind Control” (8c+)

Daila Ojeda, die spanische Freundin von Chris Sharma, ist in diesem Video zu sehen, wie sie sich der Route "Mind Control" (8c+) versucht. Ja, es ist - wie so viele andere Videos auch - ein Werbevideo, aber niemand wird schließlich gezwungen bestimmte Produkte zu kaufen, nur weil diese beworben werden. Also - enjoy!

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Take an inside look at the life of Daila Ojeda – Living in Spain with her boyfriend Chris Sharma and their sweet black-lab. She explains why she climbs on Sterling Rope and chooses the Fusion Nano 9.2 as her rope of choice. Daila shares her attitude that to climb with passion and motivation is the most important thing for climbing. As she tells us in her team bio “If you are psyched and you climb “A muerte' you will be strong.


This video is the second in an ongoing series that asks the best climbers in the world "Why Sterling" – why they have chosen our ropes over all other brands.

Filmed and edited by Joey Kinder for Sterling Rope. Joe and his girlfriend Collette travel and live “the climbing life'! In this video series he captures the passions of his fellow climbers and not only learns about their common drive for climbing but also other creative pursuits in their life.

Look for future releases featuring Enzo Oddo, Joey Kinder, and other members of the Sterling Rope team.


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