[VIDEO] Dave MacLeod und Tim Emmett an den Seeklippen in Pembroke, UK

"And Now for Something Completely Different." Diesmal geht es videotechnisch in das Mutterland dieses Monty Python Spruchs, soll heißen auf die Insel nach Pembroke. Dort zeigen Dave MacLeod und Tim Emmett, wie es bei der Erstbegehung einer neuen Linie an den Seeklippen zugeht.

Vimeo Text This past fall, Black Diamond athletes Dave Macleod and Tim Emmett ventured to the ultra-scenic crags of Pembroke, South Wales, a place known not only for its bold, beautiful lines on striking seaside cliffs, but for its notoriously finicky conditions that can make redpointing an exercise in extreme patience. The video gives an intimate look at the intricacies of UK climbing and details Dave and Tim's efforts on some of Pembroke's best (and headiest) routes, including Dave Pickford's The Brother Karamazov (E9 6c).


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"Pangea" by Professor Kliq

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