[VIDEO] Heather Robinson in “Power Windows” (5.13d)

Heather Robinson gelang die erste weibliche Begehung dieser 5.13d Route in Nevada. Eigentlich ein ausreichend nettes Video mit - für meinen Geschmack - etwas zu vielen Schnitten, als könnte Heather keine zwei schweren Züge aneinander hängen und etwas zu lauter "Hintergrundmusik". Ach ja - und bitte keine Brofists mehr!

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As a doctor of veterinary medicine from Las Vegas, Nevada, I work as a general practitioner for small animals, performing anything from routine physical exams and vaccinations to minor surgeries. I discovered rock climbing eight years ago while studying at CSU in Ft. Collins, CO. and after moving back to Las Vegas four years ago, I discovered the endless local sport climbing and embraced the art of projecting difficult routes.

I like the challenge of trying something harder than I've ever tried before, and the commitment it takes to accomplish that goal. Balancing my devotion to a professional career and my passion for rock climbing is truly rewarding.

One of my strengths is that I don't give up. For me, sport climbing requires the same kind of tenacity, mental focus, and dedication that got me through veterinary school. I made the first female ascent (FFA) of Power Windows – my first 5.13d – at Mt. Potosi, NV this past spring.

Ultimately, trying to climb at my limit allows me to achieve things I never thought possible.

~Heather Robinson

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