[VIDEO] Iker und Eneko Pou in Panaroma (8c) – Teil 1

Die Brüder Iker und Eneko Pou sind in diesem Video bei Alexander Huber zu Gast, um mit ihm über seine beeindruckende Route "Panaroma" (8c) an den italienischen Drei Zinnen zu reden.

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Barely a month after their ascent of SOLO PER VECCHI GUERRIERI 8c/150 m, the Pou brothers completed the second objective of their summer project, PANAROMA 8c/500 m, considered the most difficult route in the Alps' mountain chain. PANAROMA bears the unmistakable stamp of Alex Huber: a difficult route over “rotten” rock with dubious safe holds, and a highly futuristic layout that crosses the largest climbed roof in the world. In this first video an abstract of their chat with Alex about the mountaineering areas of Tre Cime di Lavaredo and the Panaroma route in particular.

Filmed by
STORY.teller COLLECTIVE | Damiano Levati
Jordi Canyigueral
Pau Savall
Edited by STORY.teller COLLECTIVE | Damiano Levati
Produced by STORY.teller COLLECTIVE | Matteo Vettorel

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