[VIDEO] Kevin Jorgeson bouldert in den Buttermilks

Kevin Jorgeson war schon unzählige Male in den Buttermilks zum bouldern und zeigt in diesem Video ein paar schöne Probleme. Dabei gelingt ihm auch die erste Wiederholung eines historisch übneraus signifikanten Highballs von Dale Bard.

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Black Diamond athlete Kevin Jorgeson reckons he has spent more time at the iconic Buttermilk Boulders than any other climbing area, amassing an impressive list of first ascents and repeats, including some of the area's stoutest highballs.

Out in the Buttermilks this past March, lensman Andy Mann filmed with Jorgeson for a couple of days, and edited together this video profile that captures Jorgeson's personality and passion for the art of bouldering.

A climbing highlight of the video profile is Jorgeson's second ascent of Dale Bard's Transporter Room (V5 X) one of the most historically significant highballs at the Buttermilks.

QuelleBlack Diamond Equipment (Vimeo User)