[VIDEO] Klettern mit Maya Holding – Teil 6

Im sechsten und letzten Teil der Videoserie versucht sich Maya Holding an "Skulldugery" (7b) und blickt zurück auf die Fortschritte, die Sie in diesem Summer klettertechnisch gemacht hat.

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Maya is on a mission this summer. She wants to better her climbing and get out as much as she can on her break from uni. Over the past year she has been pushing the grades and trying to get her first 7a lead outside. Will she manage it?

Follow Maya on her adventures this summer in a UKClimbing exclusive web series."

Episode 6: In the final episode, Maya is trying a 7b on the Remnant in Cheddar, 'Skulldugery' and looks back at her progression during this summer of climbing.

Intro: 'There goes another' – Origo soundcloud.com/origomusic
Main music: 'The Pull' Blue Brain. Album: The Pull 7".

Thanks to: Chris Bonwick

Series made by: Adrian Samarra.
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