[VIDEO] Laos Climbing at the Green Climbers Home 2014

Anne, Isa, Chris and Bastio had a good time around Christmas 2014 at the GreenClimbersHome in Laos. To put it into a few words: You need to go there! Awesome climbing, relaxed climbing lifestyle and lots of friendly people...

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We even shiftet into adventure mode and went to explore one of the caves – searching for the SCORPION KING. We found him (them).

Thanks for your awesome photography, Jon!

Some of the Routes:

  • Jon in Acid Therapy – 7a Flash
  • Isabell in Little Elephant – 5c OS
  • Chris in Monkey Trail (Extension) – 7c RP
  • Bastio in Small World – 7c
  • Tanja in Monkey Trail – 7b+ RP
  • Bastio in Jungle King – 7b RP
  • Bastio in Schwing Mei Ding – 7b RP
  • Chris in Cheeky Fucker – 7a OS
  • The Boys in THE SCORPION CAVE – are there cave grades??
QuelleOutdoor Adventurer Production (YouTube User)