[VIDEO] Loic Timmermans – Brutal Garage Training With A Future Climbing Champion

Twenty-year-old climbing crusher Loic Timmermans is a climber unwilling to compromise his passion. Focused and calm, he works hard to achieve his goals and the results are pretty impressive

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Competing in the IFSC lead World Cups and crushing 9a on the rock, while also studying for a prestigious law degree. If it sounds like a dream, it’s one that takes a lot of effort! His hometown of Brussels is a metropolis with a cosmopolitan population of over a million.

The political heart of Europe shapes its youth by providing them with opportunities to develop wide horizons and inquisitive minds. But as much as the city is shaping its young inhabitants, they’re also leaving their mark on Brussels. Not willing to compromise their passions, they carve a new path and really strive to ‘have it all’.

This is the last episode in a four part series made in collaboration with adidas Outdoor and FiveTen which takes an exciting look into the hometowns of four young, global athletes to find out how these towns shaped them into the stars they are today.

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