[VIDEO] Making of … StoneNudes Kalender

Cedar Wright begleitet Yosemite Pionier Dean "Bullwinkle" Fidelman bei seiner Arbeit am neuen StoneNudes Kalender, in dem sich schon seit vielen Jahren gar nicht bekleidete Damen am Fels bewegen.

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Dean, "Bullwinkle" Fidelman has been a fixture in the Yosemite climbing scene for nearly forty years.

Through his black and white photographs he has documented several generations of Yosemite Climbers. From the StoneMasters to the RockMonkeys Dean has been there to photograph Yosemite history being made. In 1999 Dean began work on his "StoneNudes" project, one of the most unique Art projects the Climbing Community has ever scene.

Since then Dean has traveled around the country and the world photographing real rock climbers (both male and female) bouldering naked. Dean believes that both the rock and the human body are sculptures, and that we look both beautiful and natural climbing.

Please visit stonenudes.com to learn more.

QuelleCedar Wright (Vimeo User)