[VIDEO] One Winter In The Peak

Now that we both live in Sheffield, 'The Peak' is our local climbing area, meaning we were able to get out loads over the Grit season. This video showing a selection of what we got up to.

Problems in order of appearance:
Jumpers For Trousers 7C+
Cock O Doodle Doo 7C
Heroes 7A+
Rambeau 7B
Hippocampus 7C
Help The Young 7A+
The Sausage King Of Meersbrook 7C
Who Needs Ready Brek? 7C
Tetris 7B+
Snellen 7A+
Mallard 7A+
Buttery Biscuit Basic 7B+
Green Knight 7C
The Line Sit 7C
Fish Finger Kid 7C+
The Grande Potato 7A+
La Poo Assis 7C
Boyager 7A+
Striker LH 7A+
Zaff Skoczylas 7B+
Rocket Man 7B+
Famous Grouse 7B+
Just Walkin’ 7A
Poundland 7C
Brad Pit 7C
Black Asteroid 7C+
The Golden Path 7C
Pigs Make Nests Sit 7C+
Electrical Storm 7B
Gibbering Wreck 7B
The Fink 7A+
Stall Sit 7C
Mossatrocity 7C
Hurricane 7C
Huffy’s Roof 7C
Mansize 7C
Proper Gander 7C
Simbas Pride E8

Music in order of appearance:
Ryan Little – Tell Tale
Ark Patrol – Curious (ft. Victoria Zaro)
L’Orange – Sometimes I Feel (feat. Kool Keith)
Joywave – Destruction
Joint’u – Instrumental 9
Kristy June – Fool Me Twice
Naomi Pilgrim – No Gun
Marco Polo feat. Saga – Think Of You Now
Ryan Little – Fractures
CUT_ – Undertow
Molly Moore – Imaginary Friends (Pluto Remix)
Ryan Little – Ting Tings
Stephen – Crossfire, Part II (Feat. Talib Kweli & KillaGraham)
ATTENTION / ANNA MUELLER – Underwater Wedding
Faze Miyake – Gunpowder

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