[VIDEO] ORBAYU: A Climbing Odyssey With Nina Caprez And Cédric Lachat

In Spain, in the Naranjo de Bulnes sector of the Picos de Europa National Park hide the Orbayus. One is the characteristic mist, or thin fog, that often settles and hangs on the slopes, soaking every little thing all the way through.

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The other is a daunting climb. At 2000 meters elevation it winds upward for 500 more in thirteen stunning pitches, a crux at 8c and overwhelming exposure. In spring 2014, Cedric Lachat and Nina Caprez made their attempt where, on the Orbayu, success hinges on an intricate and complex balance of the psyche.

Directed by Mathieu Rivoire & Julien Nadiras
Featuring Nina Caprez & Cédric Lachat
Photography by Julien Nadiras, Diego Defila & Sam Bié
Editing & Soundtrack by Mathieu Rivoire – L’Illustroscope

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