[VIDEO] Paul Robinson bouldert in Colorado

Paul Robinson verbrachte 10 Tage in Boulder Colorado mit seinen Kumpels, hatte dabei Spass und kletterte diverse Boulderprobleme im Bereich V10 / V11.

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Paul Robinson spent 10 days in Boulder Colorado with his pals. This is a vacation in the life with Paul and his friends Jon Glassberg, Carlo Traversi, Danny Ciavarro, Nic Sherman, Jonny Hork, and Ryan Silven.

Paul gets the FA of "Vacation" (V10) in S. St. Vrain Canyon.

Jon climbs the "Graham Route" (V10) in Eldorado Canyon.

Ryan climbs "The Hug Right" (V11) in Boulder Canyon.

We party, we have fun, we vacation…

QuelleJon Glassberg (Vimeo User)