[VIDEO] Paul Robinson bouldert in der Schweiz

Ein Milchbart auf Reisen - das jedenfalls könnte man meinen, wenn man zum ersten Mal Paul Robinson sieht. Kaum ist er aber am Fels unterwegs, erkennt man jetzt schon den abgebrühten Routinier als einen Meister seines Fachs...

VIMEO Text Black Diamond athlete Paul Robinson tore it up in Fall 2010 on the granite boulders of Switzerland, ticking off multiple problems in the 8B and above range, including a couple 8Cs (one, a first ascent). We sent ace lensman Bernardo Gimenez up to Switzerland to capture some of Robinson's bouldering sendage, as well as develop a video profile of Robinson that would showcase his personality and drive.

The weather crapped out during Gimenez's visit, but the ever-stoked Robinson still climbed a bunch of rad 8B to 8B+ problems for the camera, as well as sat down and explained his motivations and aspirations.

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[As always, be sure to watch this HD clip in full-screen mode for maximum value]

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