[VIDEO] Pirmin Bertle wiederholt “Jungle Speed” (9a) in Siurana, Spanien

Pirmin Bertle ist den Besuchern von Climbing.de als Wiederholer zahlreicher harter Routen hinlänglich bekannt. Derzeit ist er wieder "On the road" und zeigt in diesem Video einmal mehr, was in ihm steckt.

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One of the last not that warm days in Catalunya this springtime and in a magnificent shape "Jungle speed" found me irresistible. First go of the day. A real walk through. Furthermore my 4th 9a during the last 12 months and together with "Leche caliente" (8c) and "Chocolate caliente" (8c+) my 3rd hard route on this trip.

Though you need a rope for "Jungle speed", one doesn't need any endurance or similar. Two times fb7c+ in the first 5 moves and an 8a+ to finish, that's it. But have the waterfall in mind that occurs after heavy rain. Even there's just a 7c to redpoint to the top, it will for sure impede you from clipping the anker. So it happened to me in the 10th try. So I finally sent it in the 12th one. Happy and relieved… 🙂

QuellePirmin Bertle (Vimeo User)