[VIDEO] The Psychology Of A Champion Climber (Ramón Julián: A Muerte, Ep. 1)

For the first time in his career, two time world champion and two time European champion Ramón Julián sits down in front of the camera to talk about his career, his training, his outlook on competition, and how to live a life based on climbing.

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Between clips of him climbing in his native Barcelona, the famously camera-shy Ramón holds nothing back and gives unique insight into the mind of one of the best competition climbers in the world. Director Jon Herranz struggled to find a moment in which Ramón could film due to the climber’s super intense training schedule in preparation for his next world cup comp.

When he got the green light, Herranz grabbed his Canon 5D Mark II, and 17-35mm, 50mm, and 70-200mm lenses and headed over to one of Barcelona’s premier climbing centers, Climbat La Foixarda.

‘Ramón is actually at that wall every day,’ Jon says. ‘But we didn’t want to interrupt his training so it was actually pretty difficult to get him during a moment when he wasn’t on the wall.’