[VIDEO] Up All Day, Out All Night: In Verdon With Yuji Hirayama And James Pearson

Episode Two of Wine Dine Climb sees Yuji, Caroline, James and the team head to Les Gorges du Verdon in South East France. After a quick pit stop at the North Face Nightray Outdoor Festival, the gang set about exploring what Verdon has to offer.

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The Verdon Gorge is best know for it’s bigwalls, but the guys are in search of pocketed limestone caves along the river, and the super remote La Ramirole, extensively bolted by this episode’s guest star, Antonin Rhodes. But don’t worry, this being the great French road trip, there’s still time for some classic roadside picnics and camper van gourmet dining.

To top it all off, Caroline sends massive 8b+ endurance route, Le Feu Occulte, and celebrates by taking the team to a good old party in the forest before the next leg of their adventure.