[VIDEO] Viva Las Climbing in Red Rocks, NV (Lost in North America, Ep. 6)

The crew has arrived in Las Vegas and they're ready to gamble (with the hot weather), gorge out (on endless buffets) and climb (just climb). They're here for the classic climbing routes and boulders among the Red Rock cliffs.

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Josh and his buddies find themselves surrounded by perfect sandstone routes in colorful canyons and hills.

With quick work they tackle most of the 8a’s that the park has to offer and put them to rest! They discover that under these mega classic lines there are boulder fields one after another, covering the desert floor, all begging to be climbed.

Between dodging rattle snakes and hidden cacti they climb the perfect boulders that the canyon is littered with. Sends in this video include – Nirvana 8a, Monster Skank 8a and Atlas Shrugged 8A+.

Sponsors: Rock Werx, Gramicci, Five Ten, Zen Lizard, Organic Climbing
Countries: USA
Locations: Las Vegas, NV
Athletes: Josh Larson, Charlotte Durif, Cody Grodzki