[VIDEO] Yanks Crank in Yosemite Valley: Bouldering’s Birthplace (Lost in North America, Ep. 4)

Yosemite has always been a popular climbing destination, and the crew have recently "lost" their way into the park and found some brilliant bouldering there. The crew are now in the birthplace of American rock climbing.

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The Valley is known for it’s huge granite walls and it’s climbing history. After getting to know the area they take down some classic blocs and fight the never-ending heat.

With rest days like hiking 12 miles to the top of Half Dome, bridge jumping and a trip to San Fran they find everything a climber needs – even a free shuttle service around the valley.

Sponsors: Rockwerx, Gramicci, Five Ten, Zen Lizard, Organic Climbing
Director: Cold House Media
Producer: Louder Than Eleven
Athletes: Josh Larson, Charlotte Durif, Cody Grodzki