Josune Bereziartu has made an impressive ascent of the stamina testpiece „Macumba Club“ 8c at Orgon, France, first climbed by the Frenchman J.B. Tribout.Bereziartu almost climbed the 50+ move route on the fourth day, but fell on the final hard moves. She returned home for work but three days later she was back for a successful redpoint. She makes it sound so easy: ?You know, you assimilate the moves, you rest, recover well and the super-high motivation does the rest. This route is mythical for me because I remember when I visited Orgon for the first time, eight or more years ago, how great climbers such as J.B. Tribout, Francois Coffy, and Legrand were there trying to redpoint it. I just stood in awe.? ( Source: Planet Mountain )