Klem Loskot might be good on dry rock, but the Dorset deep water stuff is maybe different. But what we like is, he´s always enthusiastic. Earlier this month he dropped by Lulworth Cove. As he explains: „Six austrians went to England for a couple of days to get their ass kicked. Tim Emmett and Mike Roberts showed us around. They were so nice to us, I could say endless often cheers to them…. I had some of my best days of climbing ever. Tim showed us a new world I didn´t know before. one thing is sure for me now – whenever I go for a trip now, I won´t just search for new bouldering places, I also will explore some places to do some deep water soloing… it´s so much fun!!!“ And endless often cheers to you too, Klem. Nice to see ya.. There´s also a picture of him on Adrenochrome (F8a). If they seem a touch grainy, it´s because they were grabbed from the film camera. The full stuff may follow in time.